Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Our Day at Randall Oaks

Malachy really liked the Donkeys...they made funny noises and funny smells....as far as personalitys go the donkeys seemed really friendly...they were my favorite too

The ducks were fun because it was an animal Malachys starting to recognize...I think!

Here I am as a sheep. I have one of Malachy as a llama!

This is the looke he had pretty much the entire time we were in the Zoo part of the park...

Malachy had some toasted bread thing Crystal introduced me to tonight. He wasnt sure if he liked the taste but he knew he liked making a big mess and having something to put in his mouth! Mark has a cute pic of Malachy in a swing at his blog. Its linked on the side if you want to check it out.


seegeepee said...

Crystal's 2nd comment on my post seemed reactive to something, but I don't know what...then I see you have deleted comments a couple posts back...curious if it's related. Was someone giving you $#!T?

Steph Stanger said...

yea someone was giving me shit...I was really hurt..turns out it was Noah...trying to be funny...should have known!

Good eye, Chad!

Sorry things got so blown up with the Willow thing, I understand why you felt hurt by it. I hope you didn't feel like our responses were an attack.

Crystal said...

Cute pics Steph.

Steph Stanger said...

I just have to say I love being a family...days like this where Mark, Malachy and I can do family things are some of the best days ever!!!!

I also really like doing things with Kim and Crystal...just the gals hanging out.

Those are my favorite things!

Crystal said...

Thanks Steph I feel the same way!

Lauren said...

Its okay that you didnt' mention how much you like to hang out with me, Steph. I too choose to keep our rendezvous (how do you pluralize that word???) under wraps and I would never admit to enjoying them either.

You know, I'm just joking.