Monday, June 19, 2006

The Arts Conference EDITED!

Hmmm...well it was fun! I don't really have the energy to write about it right now but it was a good time! Thanks to Mom, Kim, LoLo, and CRYSTAL!!! for making it possible for us to all go and for giving Malachy an equally GREAT week! I didn't get many pictures because I hate feeling like a tourist at my own church or job...whatever. But here are a few I really liked. I wish I had some of the Delerious concert because it was great!


Lo-Lo the great said...

I'll watch my man Malachy anytime. I'm glad you were all able to attend the conference and that you had a good time!

Love you!

Crystal said...

Ummm...I helped too.

Cute pics of the kid.

Steph Stanger said...

Ohhh My Goodness! I totally thought I put your name in there! My brain is malfunctioning! Sorry Crystal! I hope you know I super appreciate you!

Crystal said...

I totally know, that's why I didn't say anything at first. Then I just mentioned it because I wanted to.

Anyway, are we having small group on Thursday?? I really hope so. I miss you guys soooooooooo much. I want to tell you about my new found dream. So if Kim didn't tell you yet tell her not to tell you because I want to tell you and meant to tell you when we were out and I forgot. But if she did already tell her NO BIG DEAL!! I am really excited about it though.

Also I really am working on a post for you it's just a lot of work for me right now. Not because it's not fun or anything just a lot of decisions I have to make so it doesn't get too long. Plus I don't like to post until I respond to everyone's comments and I have 11 people to respond to. I am sure most of them won't check back but it's important to me to do so. =o)