Friday, June 09, 2006

The Little Gym post because Crystal told me to post again!

So this week marks the last week of our Little Gym class! We are going to bring a video camera and tape it for prosperity! I'm not sure if we will sign up again because it's $80 a month and if you have not caught on yet we are experienceing finanial woes of the major variety! If we can figure it out it would be great to keep going because Malachy LOVES it and has learned so much! It has made him super brave! He tries to do somersaults on the pavement! Yikes! We're so proud! =)


Steph Stanger said...

AAAGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!! The Arts Conference starts Tuesday morning!!!! I don't know if we can go!!!!!!! Much sadness and tears, ripping of clothes and gnashing of teeth I have to go bang my head on a wall now!

Crystal said...

OH NOS!!! I'm so sorry Steph I wish there was something I could do to help!!

Thanks so much for making a post just for me! I feel so special, seriously.

Malachy looks so amazingly cute in both pics. I really think no KNOW that he learned SOOOO much from that class. I think it just helped him to be more of a boy (if that's even possible for that kid). He is so good at all of that physical stuff.

OK, Scott needs me. =o)


Steph Stanger said...

Mark says the conf isn't till 12 so it looks like we can go!!

Crystal said...