Wednesday, July 05, 2006

4th of July

Malachy had a very full 4th of July! In the morning Poppo went with us to the parade in Elgin. We stayed nearly 2 hours and then we left but the parade kept going! Then Malachy went swimming at Lou's house. He was very brave and even jumped off the diving board! Daddy caught him of course. (and he had on a life vest) Malachy loved going swimming with Mommo and Poppo. It was fun to see them all enjoying eachother. Then to cap off the night Malachy, Mark, and I went to see fireworks! We all slept very well after that. =)


Sara said...

CUTE pictures! They are so patriotic, it's so neat to see. I love parades. I want to go to a parade :(

Oh, well, maybe labor day? They do parades for that holiday don't they? Oh wait, I think I'm going to WI?? I don't know... ok, I'm rambling.

Oh, and we finally go internet :D YEAH!

Crystal said...

Super cute pics Stepho!!

Crystal said...

Oh so I see you didn't do anything nice for Kim on your blog today, interesting. I just guess I'm the better friend.