Monday, July 17, 2006

Meet Guinness

The Proud new PaPa!

As Scott pointed out I'm a big liar! Sorry! Here is the scoop on our new Dog, Guinness... a day late! Guinness is a black and tan minature Dachshund. (wiener doggy!) Our frined and co-worker, Joanne, helped us get her! Joanne's husband works for the city and that's where we got Guinness! She's super sweet! She's 11 weeks old and she loves to cuddle and play. We are so excited to have her... the trick is going to be keeping Malachy from hurting her on accident. He's really excited to have her! The lady at Petsmart told me that you have to be super careful with any minature dog because their limbs break really easily! Yikes! Malachy use to lay on the cats, I hope he dosen't try that with Guinness! I think she is like 5lbs now. The biggest she could get is 11lbs. (Malachy is 25lbs.) The cats aren't sure what to make of her yet. She's a real brave dog so I'm sure she can hold her own but I hope they all get along. The Kunzes got a dog too! He's super sweet! Check out Crystal's blog to hear all about Obi!


Crystal said...

Sorry we were so boring yesterday, I would like to hang out with you tomorrow. I know you do things with you mom on Tuesday but if you're not call me.

Sara said...

Guinness is really, really cute! We had a toy fox terrier when Nika was little. She they are the "minature" dog for a terrier. She really pulled and tugged on her and never really hurt her. The terrier would usually get away before she really got hurt. She was faster than Nika was ;0)

Guinness will be ok!!

Sara said...

Cute pictures too... thanks for posting them!!! Malachy looks so happy. He looks like he really likes dogs. I think I read before that he really gets along with your brothers dogs. He's so cute!!!

Chad said...

Hi. Nice dog. =)