Sunday, July 30, 2006

My new love

(This is a photo I found at google image to give ya'll an example of Stamping goodness)

so Crystal had a Stampin' up party at my house this week and it was really fun! I think in time I will love Stampin' as much as scrapbooking! The fun things is they go together really well! Much to Mark's dismay, now I have to buy a whole bunch of new craft supplies! Sooo... if anyone was wondering what to get me for my up coming Birthday... wonder no more! Take note Mothers, Sisters, Brothers, cousins once removed, ex next door neighbors....I need craft (stamp) supplies and Mark has my super long wish list! =) If you yourself are a craft lover check out Stampin' up's website and take a look at their online catalog for super great ideas!


Crystal said...

I already got you my gift!! YAY ME!! I'M THE BEST!! GO cowboy stampin' stuff!! Now I need to get my Kimala a prize too! =)

Attention everyone: my birthday is August 6th said...

dropping subtle birthday hints, huh? nicely done.

I'm really looking forward ot my birthday this weekend. I'm going to get my hair done at Mario Tricoci (my guilty pleasure) and then go out to dinner in the city with some friends (this is all on Saturday actually, so my birthday isn't until the next day). Hopefully I will wake up hangover-free on my birthday, have breakfast with friends before heading back to the 'burbs to have dinner with my family. Oh, and I already put in my cake request... chocolate chip Eli's cheesecake with whipped cream and sprinkles, YUMM! [Perhaps the big 2-3 won't be so bad after all.]

Crystal said...

I'm sorry Steph!! You and I can hang out tomorrow night!!!!?? We don't need Kimmy to talk about stuff we can still do that!!