Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Sooo...this is still my super primary blog but...I made a MySpace page too because I wanted to be like everyone else. =) I put a fun slide show on there! I know Dad would really enjoy all the Malachy pictures.
Other then that nothing new! We are really enjoying our new Dog and the more relaxed pace of this month! August is going ot be crazy...but fun crazy..I hope! =)

This is a taste of the fun pictures over on MySpace!


Crystal said...

MySpace isn't really a blog anyway. I know you can use it for a blog but I don't think too many people really do (and it's pretty dumb how they have the blogging set up anyway, BLOGGER ROCKS!). It's more of a profile thing to check out to see what everyone's up to and a place where you don't have to worry about keeping up a blog. And a place to find old friends or class mates (that sounds so old and dumb, class mates!). Oh and it's fun to leave random comments to people that don't have to have anything to do with a blog post. I was going to quit MySpace because everyone gets gross on there but now I'm just going to try and be a voice out there for modesty and anti-perversion and porn (the song that keeps popping in my head right now goes like this, "I'm a soldier in the army of the Lord...!") Maybe someone will get it.

Cute pic of the Malster BTW!

Scott said...

lol myspace

Crystal said...

Oh brother.

anonymous, member of ALLA (Addicted to Lyle Lovett Anonymous) said...

Lyle Lovett Rocks the house!