Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Malachy's new room!

Taking the week off from...everything...gave me some added time to get creative! I really loved it!

I bought 4 of these hooks and painted them for Malachy to hang hats and coats on.
Mom made the kick butt curtains and I bought and painted the frames. The little cars and such on them were only .50 and I just glued them in the corners.
This is a close up of the curtains because I really love them! It brightens up the room so much. We found the striped materiel and then just added the ribbon to tie in the theme.
This is above Malachy's dresser. He loves pictures of baby! =) The moon is his night light.
Kim painted these pictures they hang above his crib. There is another long one she is going to do of Malachys name that will go above the coat hooks.

There is more to be done when I have some dollars... but for now I'm happy Malachy no longer has to sleep in a pastel room! I want to get one of those toy shelf things with the plastic containers from Target for all his toys. Then I can put his books on his book shelf and store that under the built in desk. Also, we need new lamps. Malachy's favorite part is a car blanket Mom made him. It's a super cute blanket with a silky green binding, unfortunately it's not in any of these pictures.

Malachy seems to really like the room! Yea! Success!


Steph Stanger said...

oh and duh...if you have never seen the room before...Kim and I painted it that yellow. It use to be a strange pale pinkish tone. Mom bought the paint for me...thanks Mom! =)

Crystal said...

Steph it looks sooooooooo AWESOME!!! I can't wait to see it in person!!!

Lo-lo said...

Very cute!

(Have you ever read The Yellow Wallpaper? ... http://etext.virginia.edu/etcbin/toccer-new2?id=GilYell.sgm&images=images/modeng&data=/texts/english/modeng/parsed&tag=public&part=all )

lo-lo said...

that didn't work. I'll try again. (stupid blogger won't let me use the link coding for some reason)


lo-lo said...

Err... okay, if you're even interested , go to my blog:


lo-lo said...

oh my gosh, I put the wrong link in....
this is the last time, I promise.


Sara said...

It looks awesome! You guys did a really super job!!! I really, really like it!! It's so fun & boyish. AWESOME!