Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kim if you are reading this...

then you are on the computer now and possibly at home with some free time! If that is the case can you do me a favor please. As you know... I stink at all things computer and only know as much as I have to to get by. Well...maybe more then that but ignorance is bliss. So I need your help in updating my links!

Can you please remove Kelly because he no longer posts...shame on Kelly!
Please remove Joel because he has converted to face book and took down his xanga! Double shame on Joel!
Sandy...if you do not start posting soon you will reach the same sad fate as the fore mentioned! Beware! I know you have materiel to post about. You have plenty of useless information to share...I mean usefull USEFULL!!

Then Kimmy...please update Noah's link so I don't have to think about clown parts every time I visist his blog. Next, update Laurens link per her request dated June 27th.

After that PLEASE add Mom, it's wrong not to link to your own mother! Then add Valerie too! Yea! Finaly could you please add a link to Steve's blog. Oh and why your at it =) can you throw in a link to my Myspace!

Thanks Kim! You rock!


Steph Stanger said...

oh yea...and one more thing Kim...I think your own blog needs alittle attention too! =)

Crystal said...

lol, IF Kim is home this is sad!!

Valerie Sue said...

Are grading blogs. I do I get an F??? If you add my site you might soon have to delete for failure to post.
HA HA!!!
Your funny. Say Hi to Jason for me would you. Oh and say Hi to Mark too. Love, Valerie

Valerie Sue said...

I guess my comment doesn't make any sence. I thought it did when I was trying to type it, but I guess when you are trying to type and trying to hold a baby that won't sit still it doesn't work. I can't multi-task as good as I thought because I sound like I need help lots of help. Sorry. Valerie

Sandy said...

i promise i will post some useless... I mean usefull inforamtion soon. :o)

Crystal said...

Dude Kim get to work!!!!