Saturday, September 02, 2006


Ok, So I have a bunch more pictures to add but after I got these up Blogger started being itself and wouldn't let me post anymore. =( Despite numerous attempts! So I will try again later.

WE had a GREAT time on Vacation! It was a little chilly and rainy most days but we didn't let that spoil our time. We read books, made cards with my stamps, watched sunsets, rode bikes, played B-ball, swam in the pool, played at the beach, collected rocks, went shopping in cute towns, ate out, barbecued, made smores, went to movies, watched prison break, had chess training games, connect four tournaments, and really enjoyed eachothers company! The only thing that would have made this vacation better would have been if Noah, Lauren, Jason, Dee and Joey could have joined us for a day!...There is always next year! =)

This is Malachy and Dad enjoying the Sun in front of our Cottage

Mark, Malachy, and I went to St. Josephs one chilly-ish day to check out the children's museum then we hit up the butterfly garden. Malachy liked the fish pond.

I just thought this one was pretty. We went to see the sunset a couple nights so Malachy could say good bye to the sun.

This is our family in front of the pretty tall grasses planted near our cottage. As you can see by Poppos face it was hard to know when to smile because the lady taking our picture kept asking us to say things like"I love South Haven" instead of "cheese". So we did the best we could. =)


Lauren (& Noah) said...

There is always next year! =)


Anonymous said...

Lauren and Noah, What's that supposed to mean?
What I really wanted to say was that the picture of Malachy reminded me of the first time Mommo saw Kimmy. She said "The shape of her head is perfect"