Monday, September 04, 2006

Noah promised me the "wave" picture would be the coolest picture on the roll....was he right? You decide...

Noah has began his journey back to Afghanistan. Please remember Noah and Lauren in your prayers as they begin another 6 months apart. Pray for Noahs safety in Afghanistan and that he can find a community of people that he can realte to in a positive way.

I can not tell you how much we all enjoyed seeing Noah while he was home. He is a really great guy and we respect and love him soooo much! He means the world to our family and their will definietly be a huge hole with him overseas this holiday season.


Lauren said...

Dude, the wave was all me. Actually, it's from my dad. One day we were doing something where we were taking photos and he kept making us all wave because "it looks better that way." I guess he's right.

Valerie Sue said...

Hi Steph,
I got your comment. I know I can't believe how big they have gotten. It does fly by pretty fast I can't believe they are both getting on the bus. It is nice to have a little break from them. They are loving school. This morning,(Thursday) they were both standing at the bus stop a 1/2 hour before the pick up time. They are so excited. I don't know how long the excitment will last. It was funny last night I was checking out your wonderful pictures you posted. Hanna walked in the room and I was looking at the picture of you, Mom, and Kim. The one with you in the middle and you and mom have sunglasses on. I asked Hanna "who is that?" She said, "you" I said which one? She pointed at Kim. I said that one? Then she said No that one and pointed to you. I told her those are my sisters we all look similar. It was funny. She was confussed.
Talk to you later,