Wednesday, November 15, 2006

todays adventure...

So at 1 am we awoke to Malachy rolling out of bed and hitting his little face on the ide table on his way down. The bed at the hotel was ridiculously high! Malachy was screaming and streaming blood from his mouth. The nearest hospital was 20 minutes away so we called the paramedics. By the time they arrived Malachy had calmed down a lot and the blood had stoped too. So they said it looked like he cut his inner lip and he would be fine. He has a bruise on his mouth and a bit of a puffy lip but other then that he seemed to have bounced back.

So after getting almost no sleep we ventured out to try and make it to our destination. We didn't. There have been crazy storms here in GA. We were hydroplaining all over the place and the trucks were making it nearly impossible to see. We would drive for 35 minutes and then have too pull over. We did this for like 4 hours and then we decided it wasn't worth it and stoped at a hotel about 30 mins north of Atlanta.

We checked into an econo lodge and got all unpacked and dried off when the phone rang. It was the frot desk and the women next door was complaining that we were too loud! So I went down there and explained to the man at the desk that unpacking wa nothing...jut wait until Malachy wakes up at 12 am and wants a BABA! So I suggested we move and he agreed. Feeling annoyed with the crazy lady we repacked and drug all our stuff to a new room. Upon doing so Mom ran into the lady next door who thanked us for moving and apologized for being so sensitive but her father was just murdered so she was feeling on edge! Yikes!

So we had a bit of a crazy day! It is still rainning. There are flood advisory's and tornado watchs here. Mom and I walked ot the store to get Malachy some milk and we got completely soaked. Kim is out getting us dinner right now and we are staying in.

We are only 2 hours fron our destination and will make it tomorrow! We didn't get to do the lookout mountain stuff because of the rain but we will stop by there on the way home.


Anonymous said...

Sorry you had such a rough day sweetie, I'm glad you are all handling everything so well! I've got to start the service now, but I love you and miss you.
talk to you later! watch LOST for me.


Steph Stanger said...

silly Mark, there is no lost for like 12 weeks!

Andy said...

Wow what a bummer. You guys must be frazzled.

Tomorrow it'll all get easier.