Thursday, November 09, 2006

Malachy's Birthday

So we had a birthday party for Malachy and Mark last Sunday! It was a really nice time. The Kunzes, Mommo, Poppo, Jason, Dee, Joey, and Lou helped us celebrate. It was a really laid back time. Mostly we just snacked and let the kids run a muck. Malachy got a super big truck from Lou, an adorable outfit from the Kunzes and another one from our pals Sandy and Alan. My parents got Malachy a couple Notre Dame shirts and Jason and Dee got him some great wooden blocks! Lauren and Noah had sent a present on Malachys actual birthday that Malachy has been enjoying for several weeks now. =)

Here are a few pictures....

This is Poppo...aka batman

Here are the boys playing of Marks gifts. =)

This is Mom, Key, and I at the Texan (the next day)

This is the ghetto part of our yard! In between the garage and the fence!

Here is little Malachy opening his presents...with a little help!

Thanks to everyone who helped Mark and Malachy have super Birthday!

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Crystal said...

Good times! I'm so sad about your mom's pic she took one of me and you! =( I saw her camera at Best Buy though and it's AWESOME! I was WOWED!

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!!!!!!!!!!!! =oD I feel happy and giddy just thinking about it! What do you wanna do!!