Sunday, November 26, 2006

Dancing for Joy

I have not posted in a while because I have been catching my breath and celebrating the Holidays. =) It has been such a wonderful week. I was really greatful to see Mom's brothers. Famliy means the world to me, and we so rarely see them. It was a time I will always be thankful for. Si and Sally are two of the warmest people I have ever met and I will never forget how cute Johnny was with Malachy.

As great as it was too see Mom's brothers, it is sooo nice to be home. I missed Mark too much! He has made me so proud this year and I love him to pieces. Thanks for being an amazing Husband Mark! You're the best!

We got to celebrate Thanksgiving with Kim, Mom, and Dad. They brought the food and we did the dishes. =) It worked out well. We had a really relaxed time. Then Kim, Dad, Mark, Malachy, and I went to see Jason and Dee on Friday and that was great as well. We had some awsome dessert and played a card game called golf. I saw Jason and Dee last month for Malachys birthday party but this was much more relaxed and I really enjoyed just being together. I worked this weekend and it was super easy. =) I also got to see Crystal, go shopping, decorate indoors and out for Christmas and clean my garage this weekend! Wow I have been busy but it has all been good.


Sara said...

You pictures are AWESOME!! Malachy looks so big! He's such a cute, cute, cute boy ;0)

I'm glad you had a good time on your trip and are back home safely!

Janett Sue said...

Yes, we made good memories. Even without everything else it was worth the trip to get the great pictures of our Mal.

Crystal said...

I've been CRAZY BUSY too. I don't have time for ANYthing. Scott and I bought the floor for the kitchens, hall, and bathroom today. Scott started to strip the window in the kitchen and we are just working and taking care of the kids all the time.

Scott parents did take Madison for a few hours Saturday night with Sofie and Noah so we got to go to Denny's (got love the buy one get one free coupon!). That has pretty much been our only down time.

My house phone is dead and we can't find it anywhere in the house! Since it's dead we can't beep it. So if you want to call me you have to call my cell, just a little FYI.

OK, gotta go do a Frankie birthday post so I can go to bed!