Thursday, November 16, 2006


I'm a bit of a wreck right now. There was some confusion about our hotel and the red roof inn was like 30 mins away from Eatonton. So Mom put us in a hotel closer that is 90 bucks a night! Figuring all that out was kind of stressfull. The hotel we are in, The Lodge, is nice and we are happy to have a home for 4 nights in a row! When we got here Malachy was helping me put the pop from the cooler in the mini fridge. The Pop was wet from the ice. While putting it away Malachy touched the freezer part. I didn't know what was going on he looked upset and started crying and then screaming. I thought he pinched his fingers in the lid or something so I opened it and pulled his hand away. Turned out his little fingers had frozen to the metal. I ripped off skin and all 4 of his fingers have huge white blisters. He kept saying mommy help, kiss it, make it better all while screaming and crying. We tried to calm him down for 20 minutes and nothing worked. He would just shake andrub his hand and then hold it to mmy mouth saying kiss it. So finally we drove him to CVS to get some ointment and the only time he stoped crying for an extended period was because he feel asleep in the car. He's so sad. We are back at the hotel right now and he's sleeping but he keeps waking up and rubbing his fingers on the bed and then crying and falling back asleep. It's awful! This (to me) is the worst thing in the world to have Malachy hurting and not being able to make it better. Normally he gets over things fast but not this. He's really in pain. I don't know what to do. I'm so sad.

We are suppose to get back to Uncle Johns for dinner soon but there is no way I'm waking the little guy up. He is not hurting while he's asleep and I know he will have the blisters for a couple of days but I hope it will feel somewhat better when he wakes up.

The poor little guy has been stuck in the car or hotel or places where he can't touch anything for 4 days now. I need to have a day all for him where he can run around and be 2 without getting in trouble! Mom and her brothers might take a trip to visit one of their other brothers downstate. I'm hoping Kim and I can take that day to do a Malachy fun day and go to Stone Mountain or something speacil just for him. Pray for Malachy, he has asked to go home several times now and he has 6 day left. Everytime we are in the car he asks me if he can go to the playcenter and go play. I feel like the worst Mom ever.

Sorry if this post is a big downer, it's not all gloom and doom. We are finaly here which is great. Uncle Jonny and Barbara are great. They have a beautiful home and yard. They have 2 doggys that Malachy loves. The rain should be behind us and the weekend is suppose to be 70! It is beautiful here the trees still have their fall colors and there are old farms everywhere! So things can only get better here on out! =)

UPDATE: Malachy had a GREAT time with John and Barbara tonight they were so good to him! We got to see Uncle Si, Aunt Sally, and David tonight as well. So it was a good night. I think Mom is really glad to be here. So all is well! I think we are going to Stone Mountain tomorrow and most importantly Malachy is feeling better! =)

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Crystal said...

I'm so glad Maly is feeling better!!! Oh Steph I know how you feel. It's so SO hard when we can't make our kids feel better. It's the worst feeling to me too. When Emily was 1 & 1/2 she was playing on the floor in my mom's bathroom and I picked her up and she started screaming. Her little finger was stuck in the crack under my parents scale weight checker thing. She had this huge bump on her finger for a couple of YEARS!! Every time I saw it I would feel sad and depressed and like the worst mom in the whole world. So I totally understand. Poor Malachy I felt sick and sad reading this. If it was my poor Maddie I would just want to take her home. Your doing so great Steph!! You're an awesome mom and I think your so amazing to want to have just a whole day for Malachy. I'm sure he will just eat up all of the attention and fun. I pray for a perfect no accident day. And I'm praying his fingers heal up fast.

When I was little and burned my finger on a sparkler (because I wanted to see how hot it really was) I remember sleeping really was the best medicine. I felt better the next day. I've been burnt a lot and I always felt better after a day. But blisters hurt too but if the burning feeling goes away that is good.

OK, love you Steph I can't wait for you to come home and to hang out! Malachy and Madison will HAVE to have a totally baby day and go to the play center together!!


Hang in there friend.

PS If it makes you feel better I had a hard and sad day with Maddie today. =( It's better now but I'm tired. I'll tell you all about it when you get home!