Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pictures for My Mark iee Poos

Here are bunch of random pictures for my little husband. Today we made it all the wy to Chatanooga TN...I guess we are not making good time. That's ok because we are taking it easy and enjoying ourselves. We hoped to go up lookout Mountain today but we were too warn out when we got here. So if it is not pouring in the morning we will do that before we make our way to Georgia.

The pictures are from dinner at Craker Barrel last night, lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Nashville today, a pit stop at a scenic rest area, and a quick swim at the pool here at our hotel. =)

I'm having a good time but Malachy and I still miss you Mark! Only 8 days to go! Mark don't forget to return that stuff at the party store! =) I mis you too Crystal! =)And you too Dad! =)


Steph Stanger said...

by the way there are more pictures at Moms blog www.janettsue.blogspot.com

Crystal said...

That picture of the water is out of control! Thanks for keeping us updated it helps to not feel so far apart! Miss you too!!!

Mark said...

good to hear from you wife! Thanks for the pictures!
I miss you!!!!