Monday, June 11, 2007

The Arts Conference is this week!

This is by far my favorite conference. I'm really excited about it. I don't love all the early call times and trying to figure out where to put Malachy and make sure he gets the time he needs from Mark and I, but I do love the energy and the excellence and the commodity that comes with this conference. Mark is stage managing so he has to get to church at 5:30 in the morning Wednesday and Friday! Blah! I'm helping him on stage but little Malachy can't go to Promistowne till 8am so I will join Mark then. Thursday is breakout day so Crystal is taking Malachy for the big chunk of the day and then Kim in the evening.

So today we spent some time getting the house clean, the laundry done, and hopefully grocceries done so that we won't have to worry about those things later in the week. Mark is working all day tomorrow and will work a ton through the week then on Sunday he is heading out with his BFF, Todd, to go to Cedar Point with some kids from Todd's youth group. He is pretty excited. Mark and Todd haven't hung out together in years. The last time they probably spent more then 2 hours together was our weddings! So I know Mark will really enjoy it and I'm glad for him.

Mom and Dad have said they will take Malachy and I out next Monday so we don't get too lonely! =) And I think Joey might have a b-day dinner on Sunday night. So Malahcy and I will keep busy.

In early July we hope to go to Iowa. Mark dosen't have New Com July 4th and Arnez can work a weekend for me so it seemed like the perfect oppourtunity to go. Beyond that we are not sure what the summer holds. We hope to get some car work done, keep going with the yard work, get the deck cleaned, stained, and sealed, and hopefully do a small get away or two.

Sorry I don't have any pictures, I hope to soon! =)


Janett Sue said...

I would love to see the Arts Conference. I am assuming they have a lot of great art. Maybe there is a time before all the people get there or after all the people leave I could see it.

Crystal said...

If you need to use me more to watch Malachy I am available!

Thanks for the post I never see you so it's nice for me to read what's going on in your life so I don't feel left out!

soldiermoses said...

I really miss doing conferances. Damn it all! Cedar Point...isn't that the christian concert in southern illinois? and why say New Com and not NewC or Nuke????????

Love ya

Andy said...

Hi Steffo,

Poor Crystal. You seem to over there as couple times a week, dropping off and picking up with never time for a visit?

Andy said...

"to get over there"

Andy said...

and do people tell you that you have very pretty big blue eyes? Because you do.

Mom says I have to get the air conditioning in her car fixed before we can go to the arboretum!