Friday, June 15, 2007

This is a video that I think Granger did. They showed it at the Film Festival at the conf. last night and it was one of my favorites...amazing!


Andy said...

Cool, Steffo

oh,and I got Mom's air conditioner recharged today

PS Those "word verifications" are so hard. If you cando those you must not be dislexic (sp?)

Kim Traynor said...

powerful! thanks for posting! Now could you post the cubicle song? :P

Janett Sue said...

I thought that was very clever. I really liked it so I tried to find it on youtube. It turns out it was a 2003 political ad for Lopez Murphy who was running for President of Argentina. With the obvious changes of course. Makes you wonder just how long it has been around. That doesn't mean I like it any less. So what is the cubicle song? And what does :P mean?