Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Art's Conference

Oh my! It was all I hoped it would be and more! SO stinking good. Here are some photos I got from the Art's Confernce blog that will be up a few more days. You should really check it out.

This is a photo of the beautiful set! We are so lucky to have people on staff like Don and Glen who create these gorgeous sets!

Here is a photo of Aarron singing. Honestly I missed most of this session but I loved having people like, Aarron, Shauna, and Jon around the building. It reminded me of the journey I have been on and the people I have got to share it with. It's sad the way we all move on to other things at some point but it is cool to see how huge God is!
There were some hope canvas' arond the building that people could contribute too. They are being donated to other ministries all around the world to help bring them hope. How cool is that!?
Jay and Helena shared their storey and although I know it, it was so powerful to hear. I cried all morning! I have more thoughts to share on that at a later day...when I have more time.
Scribble was the coolest thing I have seen in a while! Wow! Their team was ridiculously talented and equally great to work with! Check out the video of sesison 5 at the blog to see their awesomeness!

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Andy said...

Wow Steffy. Sounds great. I.m glad you have a career that gives you so much joy.