Monday, June 25, 2007

The Week in Pictures

Earlier this week (or last week?!) I went to the pool with Crystal! Malachy mostly loved it and he and Madison were so stinking cute together!

Here is Malachy blowing me aways with his awesome toddler swimming skills! I'm so proud of his bravery and adventurous spirit he is such a boy!

All the excitent got the little guy pretty worn out!
Mark and I went to the pool later that week and Malachy was all snuggles, it was pretty cold out that day! Brrrr...

We spent the weekend at church and Malachy played with 2 of his favorite friends Kai and Noe!

Today we got to go to lunch with Crystal, Nicci, Sara and all the kids! It was a special treat because Nicci lives in CA and Sara just had baby Lee 2 weeks ago!

Crystal, Nicci, Sara and Me! I got a hair cut on Friday by the way!

This evenning we took Malachy to the park to fed the ducks...more like gesse!

We climed some trees too! And Malachy got licked by a deer when he stuck his hand through the fence! I tell ya the kid has no fear! Unless you are a lawn mower or vacume! =)


Meghan said...

Malachy looks JUST LIKE YOU in photo number three! Adorable. I love kiddos swimming.h

Crystal said...

I love the pictures of Madison and Malachy!!! I can't wait to post the ones from today! Thanks for going with me I had so much fun!!!

Crystal said...

Andy said...

Hi Steffie,

I'm glad you and Crystal got to hang out witj Nicci and Sarah. Moms need friends.

Crystal said...

For pete's sake, post something!

LOVE YOU!!! =)

Tell Arnez thanks a bajillion for giving us some Dr. Who and that he ROCKS! My kids are freaking out and can't wait to watch it tonight!