Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Happy Fathers day Poppo


Steve & Sara said...

How fun! Your Dad is such a sweetie and you guys all look like you have so much fun!

How neat :)

Andy said...

Thanks, Steffie. I hope you guys never get jealous about me liking Mally so much. I liked you all that well, and we all went for walks, to parks and playgrounds, dime stores and donut shops. You may not remember but it made you happy, and you felt good about yourself 'cause you knew I really, really liked you. Funny to think how little Malacht will remember of these days, but he'll know we really, really liked him.

and Hi, Sara. I'm going to look for a link on Steffie's page so I can catch up on what's happening for you.


Janett Sue said...

Nice pictures Stef!