Tuesday, April 25, 2006

We went downtown to the Art Institute today! Mostly we went for Kim because as you all know she is an artist. I'm sure Kim enjoyed it the most because she has a higher appreciation and understanding of art. However, Mark, Malachy, and I had a good time too! Malachy behaved better then any of us expected and that was a pleasant surprise. I enjoyed having a new appreciation for the modern American Art. I don't think I had ever played much attention to those galleries before because I spent all my time in the old European and Impressionist art galleries. Monet is ALWAYS fun but it was nice to see something different! It was also fun to see some of the original pieces I had seen in Kim's magazines and books.

After the Art Institute we walked through Millennium Park on the way back to the car. It was a little cold today so we just saw the bean and the fountain. The "bean" was more impressive in person then I had expected it to be. I got some pictures but they really don't do justice to the bazarness of this piece of Art. We were glad to finaly get to see the park. It was good to give Malachy a chance to run around after having him straped in his stroller for several hours! He LOVED chasing pigeons around and squawking after them.

On our way out of the city we visited Emily at Loyola and she seemed to be doing well! =) She was playing a game with her Mama Sue so she didn't talk to us much but we were glad to see her feeling better! Hopefully she will come home tomorrow night!

Reflection of Malachy and Mark exploring the "bean"

Kim and Malachy outside the Art Institute. Malachy loves Lions and loves saying,"ROAR"!

Steph and Mark at Millenium part.

The Bean : Does this picture remind anyone else of Flight of the Navigator?

Kim and Steph in matching jackets

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Crystal said...

I don't know why but that bean is making me nauseated.

I LOVE the pic of Mark and Malachy's reflections in the bean though. SOOOOOOO cool!

Thanks for coming to visit Emily again and for sitting with us while we waited for her surgery to be over. It comforted me having you guys there and made the time go by much faster.