Sunday, April 30, 2006

remember when he looked like this?


Crystal said...

I just left a comment but it didn't show up? Weird...I said that I remember him that little and he was so cute and he still is! I also said it's sad how fast time goes.

Frankie felt really honored to watch Malachy for you today at church. He said it was the first time he ever got to watch someone by himself and it was for a whole 3 minutes too!! He was so cute and excited about it.

Call me when your up and situated.

Crystal said...

Mark and Steph~

Thank you SO much for lunch today. It was beyond generous of you both and really made my life easier today.

I enjoyed coming over today and scrapping. It was also so nice to see Lauren and really great of her to bring me a pop!

Also thanks Mark a million for watching my kids. I REALLY appreciated a LOT. My kids really love you.