Monday, April 03, 2006

Mark and I were (are) both sick today with upset tummies. Please pray that we feel better soon. We had some experiences that would have been embarrassing had we not been at home and had changes of clothes and toilets near by. =) Other then that Kim and I worked on the bathroom today. She had taken down the wallpaper while we were in Iowa but it still needed to be spackeled and painted. We painted it today only to realize that not only did the color look awful in the bathroom (it turned out to be more of a dirty turquoise then a fresh green) but also it was a satin finish which showed every imperfection in the wall! So we looked in the basement and found some leftover paint from my bedroom. (a prettier green) Kim started applying that late tonight and we hope to finish tomorrow. We found a real cute curtain at target that will look great with the paint color! I hope to eventualy get a new shower curtain as well! I'm afraid I will have to wait for Mark to approve me spending another $29! I can't wait to have another room in the house done!

Here is a photo of Malachy's build a bear that we got on the way home from Iowa. It's a dog named "doggy" he roars and moos...Malachy's favorite noises! (Malachy also likes to Baa but they didn't have that noise! ) Doggy is a big Cubs fan and he is very pleased with their win today!

In other news we went to the Animal Shelter yesterday in hopes of finding a puppy for Malachy! But they only had big dogs and pitbulls so we decided to wait.


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph, sorry about your tummy problems. Thanks for helping out with the bathroom even though you weren't feeling well.

I want to help with the next build-a-bear. That one is weird.


Sara said...

Aww... that's cute that you want to get Malachy a doggie.... do you know what breed you would like to get?

I was cracking up at Kims comments... Ha, ha... she's hysterical :D

Crystal said...

Oh man I am so sorry you were sick that's just stinks.

Cute pics of you and the boy. I love the one of you in the yard helping him to walk.

Lauren said...

I'm with Kim, that one is weird. (The next one shuld have a Sox hat.)

I had a good time yesterday, sorry it was cut short. And glad your illness had passed (for the most part) at that point. :o)

Crystal said...

I disagree with Kim and Lauren I think the bear is so cute! I love that he makes the noises that Malachy loves.