Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Our new doggy, Barney!

We got Malachy a dog! His name is Barney and he is a 10 month old beagle! We found Barney at the Anti-Cruelty Society down town. Barney was only $55 compared to the $200-$300 for dogs at the shelters around here! Unfortunately Barney is sick! We broght him home last night and he ate a few dog treats but wouldn't eat any of his food! Since then he still hasn't eaten food and has stoped taking the treats as well! He has also thrown up 5 times! All of which looked like he had eaten a stuffed animal. (fabric and polyester stuffing!) He didn't get one at our house but maybe he did at the shelter!? So the vet from the A.C.S. has asked me to bring him in tomorrow! Lauren has graciously agreed to take us down there. I hope it is nothing too serious.

The dog has been alittle agressive towards Malachy. He seems to be adjusting better today but we have to keep a close eye on them! He's a pretty good dog. He goes in his kennel with out crying and does not bark much at all. He loves affection and to play...he has already torn up his new toy! He is a bit of a ankle biter so we will have to work on that! =)

Please pray for Barneys health as we go to the vet tomorrow! oohhh and for Barney and the cats to adjust to sharing the house!

Barney in his old home.

Barney leaving the A.C.S.

Barney feeling sick, hungry, and tired!

Barney on his new bed in my room!


Lauren said...

Dude, you're a little "!" happy tonight. Lay off the sauce.

Crystal said...

He looks like a sweetie.

thekooiet said...

Ohhhh! What a cutie! Puppies must be the air...we're bringing our little girl home at the end of the month. When we bring her home she'll be 7 weeks old. She's a German Shepherd. Lydia wants to name her Flower, but I think it will be Maya. She can guard us when our daddy's traveling!:)