Monday, October 10, 2005

feeling better...

It seems everyone is recovering from the past week!! That is a great thing because we all have a ton of work to do! Mom and Dad found a really cute apartment!! We are still working on getting the loan finalized and then the fun will begin. Mark and I still have to get packing and there is lot's of cleaning to do at our apartment as well as Mom and Dads house. I'm really excited as well as overwhelmed!

(poor Mark...he's tring to put Malachy to sleep and the little guy is putting up a big fight!!)

We had a ton of fun this weekend and took a lot of pictures! Hopefully I will get some time to post those on Wednesday! I'm working all day tomorrow!

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Lauren said...

I wish that Noah and I were still in town so we could help with all the move stuff. But, then again, maybe it is a good thing that we are not in town. You know, so we don't have to thelp with all the move stuff.

Can't wait to see ya'll on Friday!