Friday, October 28, 2005

Worst day ever!!

Ok, maybe not THE worst day ever...there have been some pretty bad days lately but this one was realllly bad!

As I said we were going to close today. Originally at 8 am and then last night it got moved to 5 pm. Well, today one hour before our closing at 5, we get a call from our mortgage guy, lloyd, that there was some problems with our old Wikes account. Mark and I were over 90 days late on the account because when we moved we had stoped receiving the bill and when we finally realized what had happened we paid off and closed the account. Well on our credit record it looks bad and is apparently a problem with the loan people! Soooo...why did this come up an hour before our closing and not a month ago when we applied, were approved, and had our credit got me!!

So our closing didn't happen today, now, the new plan is we are going to try to close on Monday afternoon. Lloyd has said he's trying to get an exception made on our account and if he can't then he will have to re-write our loan and we won't close until tues or wed. So you might think post poning the close a few days is no biggie....wrong!!

Mom and Dad have already moved into their apartment and were needing the money from the close to do some things pay the movers. Mark and I still have to be out of our apartment by monday!!! We have Empire carpet coming tomorrow to lay carpet and we were planning on paying them with money from the close. (now we have to put it on credit....yuck!!) And we are all feeling extremely stressed out and on edge!! Especially poor Mom, who has been busy taking care of her 2 best friends this week!! One of them lost their husband this week and the other one has been in the ICU all week!! Mom has been really brave and strong and a huge support to her friends!! I just wish this wasn't as stressfull! Please remember her and all of us in your prayers while we try and figure this out!!


Lauren said...

And Noah and I even prayed at dinner last night (we ate at 5pm, but that is still only 4pm in IL) that everything would go smoothly with the 5pm closing.

Hang in there guys!

Sara said...

I'm so sorry Steph. Once this is over you will be so happy though. I will pray for you. Try not to get too worked up over it (I know easier said than done). I can't wait for you to take pictures and post them. I want to see what your new house looks like. YEAH!

Sara said...

Hey Steph -
So did closing go ok? Did everything work out ok? Did you get the carpeting in?