Thursday, October 20, 2005

Malachys family B-day party.

Here is the little guys first cake!

Malachy has never been sure what to make of Aunt Lauren! Just Kidding!! He adores his cool Aunt Lauren she spoils him to death! She got him his Dance and Shout Elmo and he loves it!!

This is the little people car Mommo got Malachy. You can see Elmo has fallen in the back much dancing! Malachy loved all his gifts! I got him a cute outfit and Eore! He even got an "out of state" gift from Meghan!! What a lucky boy!

Here he is making a mess of himself eating cake!! He really enjoyed himself and we got to make a mess of Mama and Papa Gerc's kitchen while they were away!

I always forget to flip my pictures!! But here is Malach being the 1 year old king. All though he is not 1 until tomorrow!


Sara said...

Those are SO cute! Happy Birthday Malachy!! I can't believe that he is one already. Yikes, time flies by. Very cute pictures Steph. I LOVE the one of him holding up his finger showing how old he is. He's so sweet!

Crystal said...

Aw, it looks like you had so much fun. YEAH!

I too love the picture of Malach pointing. I also like the one of Malachy eating cake. It makes me really sad though because I didn't get one of Madison eating her first birthday cake. =o( I don't have one of Emily when she was 1 either. I do have a couple of Frank though; they are actually 2 of my favorite pictures of him. He had the cutest blonde curly hair. It was long like Malachy's too.

It was nice seeing you tonight. I hope after you move and things slow down I will get to see more of you.

Joel said...

He has hair! I only saw him once and he was very berry little. Yeah I'm goin over seas one last time on Dec 10th. We're going to Okinawa Japan and then setting sail on the U.S.S . Essex aircraft carrier in January for 6 months with a probable stop in Afganistan. Not to happy about it neither is Allie but that's what God wants that's what he gets.