Wednesday, October 05, 2005


sorry I haven't posted lately! Life has been more busy then I can handle so blogging is the first thing to go...followed by The Amazing Race and many other great TV show...=( There is a lot of new things going on with our moving and family adventures! I have appreciated everyones prayers and encouragement and am looking forward to the time when life calms down and I can once again keep up with my blog and TV!

I did make time for Gilmore Girls and will be watching Lost tonight! Crystal finaly rented LOST...woo you love it? Believe it or not this season is even stranger! Now we just have to get Noah and Lauren on board!


Lauren said...

It's okay.. for now. But when things settle down, we're all expecting a nice, l o n g, full-text (okay, maybe a few photos are acceptable as long as the text is girthy enough to hold it's own) entry that will keep our eyes and minds busy for longer then a minute.

Crystal said...

OK so after the first 8 episodes of Lost it finally got interesting! Not that it was bad for the first 8 shows it was just the same show over and over, to me anyway. Now I am hooked and I can't wait to finish disc 3 and move on to disc 4!

I gotta tell you Gilmore Girls is my new favorite show, get out the way Felicity! No, I love Felicity too; I have just been in morning since I saw the last season. Just so you know I am on season 2 of Gilmore Girls.