Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Fall pictures!

Here are some fun fall photos from the past week! I took some really cute ones at the Pumpkin farm with my "real" camera so we will have to wait until I get the fil developed to see those. It was a fun week with malachy!

Here is Malachy at Bathtime! We tried to give him a mohawk!

Here is the little guy being crazy. He gets that look on his face when he is proud of himself for crawling (or walking) super fast!

Here are me and Malachy enjoying our time at the Pumpkin farm! Malachy loved crawling around the Pumpkins and we did bring one home for Haloween pictures!

Here is the family at Emily, Frank, andMadisons b-day party.

Here is the little guy picking out some pumpkins!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

I noticed no one commented about these pictures and they just looked lonely and abandoned.

I really like all of them but I like the one with Malachy and the pumpkins the very best! His clothes are so cute too! He is one stylin’ hunk of a dude!