Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Soooo...if you haven't caught on by now...Mark, Malachy, and I are moving!! We are buying the house my parents currently own. My parents decided to move into an apartment in order to simplify their lives and be more flexible if they decide to move to Georgia in the next 2 years. They had decided to move into an apartment around the same time Mark and I had started looking for a new home. Mark and I wanted to move because we have new landlords who have been extremly negletful to our building, we want to start building equity, and we needed more space because we had all decided it would be better if Kim lived with mark and I rather then my parents. Mark and I were having trouble finding a house in our budget that would fit our needs and Mom and dad were feeling daunted by the huge task of fixing up their own home and getting it ready to go on the market. so we thought this would be a win win solution!

After weeks of trying to get the financing settled, the title search, and all the rest...we are finaly set to have the closing on Friday morning! Mark and I couldn't be more excited...especially because we had told our Landlord we would be out of here by the 1st!

Whats next...we have a crazy week ahead of us. We need to finish packing, help my parents pack and move, clean the new place, remove wall paper, spackle, sand, and paint before they lay the new carpet and have all our stuff moved in by monday night! This will be one busy weekend! And of course I have to work this weekend...yikes!

Next weekend will be just exciting! Mark and I are attending a co-workers wedding and then going to Iowa so Marks family can celebrate Mark and Malachys birthdays!

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