Monday, October 17, 2005

Emily, Frank, and Madison's birthday party last week!

Crystal said it was taking her too long to download these pictures I had sent her. So I thought I would go ahead and post them so you could all see how cute those darn Kunze kids are!! Crystal is such an amazing Mom to throw her kids such a fun party! Mark, Malachy, and I enjoyed it too (as you saw in my previous post)! It was the perfect fall party complete with a bon-fire and hay-ride! thanks-Crystal!

This is Frank opening the gift Mark and I got him. Mark likes getting pictures of the kids opening our presents...but the kids got many great presents from everyone. This is a Star Wars lego thing.

Here's Emily opening our present the Movie Ella Enchanted! She wantedto know how I knew she wanted it....hello... Crystal is only my bestest bud!

Here is Crystal and Madison. Madison is doing her favorite "I won't look at the camera" pose.

This is the super cute family picture!! Madison is sooo cute!!

Emily and Frank! Emily cracked us up because she had to wear her cool sunglasses even though the sun was almost gone!

It was a fun day!! I hope you all enjoyed the photos!


Crystal said...

THANKS SO MUCH for posting these Steph!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to put a link up to them on my blog so my other blog friends can see them if they like! I wanted to tell you before, but I haven't seen you in so long and I forgot how to use a phone, that you being at my party meant the world to me. You always give me a sense of peace when you are around. Also I wanted to thank you for watching the kids open their presents. That meant a lot to me too. You are the greatest!

I can't wait for Malachy's party; it is going to be so much fun. I hope you have LOTS of cake!

Sara said...

These are great pictures! Thanks Steph for posting them! I love the one of the family with Maddie cracking up. Too cute!!