Friday, December 09, 2005

and the drama continues...

This is from Time Magazine

Christian blogs are full of unseasonably vitriolic postings, full of Scriptural references, theological arguments and appeals to common sense. Evangelicals are attacking other Evangelicals in the media. And the debate within the Evangelical community is giving the rest of America a rare look at the divisions that do exist, usually quietly and below the surface, of the 65-million-strong Evangelical community. It is a reminder that this group, so often labeled the "religious right", is diverse both in theology and methodology. The church is in fact many churches, this bloc is no monolith, and this argument, says Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, "shows we're still all very human."...

Others worry that the fight may be more damaging than any impact from what they're fighting about. ""The central point is not what hour of what day the congregation gathers corporately to celebrate the birth of Christ," says Willow Creek's Hybels, "but rather that in our hearts and lives we allow the coming of Christ to transform us." On his blog, Louie Marsh, pastor of a small church in rural Arizona, quoted the Apostle Paul from the Book of Romans, who wrote, "Who are you to judge someone else's servant?" "I do know [that] this isn't something we should be fighting about," Marsh blogged. "Let's just focus on serving God the best we can."

I have only posted the parts that I agreed with the most so feel free to check out the full story if you are curious.


Lauren said...

That makes sense.
Regarding Willow:
I have always thought it was a little shady that Willow was not even open on Christmas, but people weren't up-in-arms about that. Just because Christmas falls on a Sunday... I don't think it much matters.

Okay, has anyone ever noticed that most Catholics go to church on Christmas Eve (well, it is Midnight Mass and is technically on Christmas day but barely) so they can spend time at home with their family on Christmas morning? No one bitches about that. Well, I guess tehre are always people uproared about something so they probably are about that but they're not publishing themselves so publically.

Everyone just needs to shut their traps and deal with it.
Let the church be closed. Everyone deserves time off. Sunday or not, it is still a holiday and all the workers at the church deserve to be home with their families. If someome feels they NEED to go to church on Christmas Day, they can go find a different church for that day. As Truvy said in Steel Magnolias, "God don't care what church you go to."

Andy said...

Yes, it is me - your mother. My first time on the computer, right here at Steffy's sight. Hope to be a regular.

Mom via

Crystal said...

Hi Mama Traynor!!! This is so exciting to see you here in blog world!!!!

I am excited about coming over to make ornaments!!! =)

Love you!!!