Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Mark and I will be in Iowa for the next 5 days, so don't expect much blogging form me! Mark, Malachy, and I have had a wonderful Christmas this far. We really enjoyed Christmas service at Willow on Friday. It was great to have the family over for lunch today. Kim cooked us all a great meal and Malachy is becoming very attatched to Uncle Noah! Joey and Malachy had fun palying together and it was so nice for us all to be together. Later on Mark, Malachy, Dad and I were able to visit with the Traynor clan at my Aunt Marys and that was super fun too! We are looking forward to seeing Grandma Stanger and all the rest tomorrow! Enjoy the rest of your Holiday. Best wishes...Steph
(if this post is confusing to read it's because it is late and I have 1000 thoughts in my head right now but I wanted to make sure I said Merry Christmas before we leave for Iowa)

Just a little Christmas fun- above: Malachy and Joey play Santa with Jason.

Below: The Stanger clan at Christmas services...yes Malachy is sticking out his tounge =)


Sara said...

Merry Christmas to you too Steph, Mark & Malachy!! Have a great time in Iowa. It was so great to see you all when we visited. I love the picture!

You look adorable ;) I love Malachy's tounge too (hee, hee). Great picture of all of you guys, it's very cute!

Beef Fritters said...

umm, we never expect much of your blogging stephanie

Crystal said...

Merry Christmas Steph it was so nice to see you at church. I wish I hadn't of lost my husband so I could have better enjoyed our little visit.

I hope to see you when you get back. I also responded to your comment on my blog.