Friday, December 23, 2005

I couldn't be more proud...

I'm at church and I was just walking throughout the halls back to my office to pack off and I couldn't help reflect on the past week. Putting up with all the judgement over being closed on Christmas, all the work people put into preparing for this week (like running dmx and power to every strand of garland in the massive auditorium) it was all worth it!! The halls and offices are empty but the auditorium is full of attentive hearts, the atrium has families gathered around tables, and "volunteer central" is buzzing with people who are so excited about being able to serve God, share in community as well as eat GREAT food! And I couldn't be more proud of being apart of this church.

Those of you who are tech people know how hard it can be to let God touch you in a service. We are easily caught up in the details behind the service that we often miss the big picture. But this service has moved me and brought me tears every time I've seen it. ( which was more then once) It is a masterpiece!! It couldn't have been done any better. Even watching it an overflow I was in awe of what God has done through this team of incredibly blessed people I have the honor to work with. I feel as if the "tech" was as big a "communicator" in this service as any person on stage (if not more). The lights were so beautiful that they brought you into a feeling of unearthly radiance where all things really were possible with God. The sound was vibrant and dynamic it did justice to the awe inspiring vocals and compositions!! And video...Wow!!! What an incredible tool we have found and really used to the best of our ability!! The video team really did an unbelievable job! Their creativity and skill is really inspirational. Every thing they put on those LED screens captured me and stirred emotions with in me. I could relate to the videos and I felt like they were speaking into my heart! Well done!

I know this all sounds very sappy and such but when something is right it's right and you just have to acknowledge it and give Glory to God.

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