Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I wasn't playing hokey Malachy really was sick!

Random picture of my Promiseland team for your viewing pleasure
( I thought this post needed some visual support but I didn't have any new pictures in my laptop )

Took the little guy to the doctor today and Malachy has Roseola. Which doesn't seem to be a big deal at this point other then the unsightly red spots covering his entire body! We have been told he is no longer contagious...The 3 days of 104 fever was the contagious stage. Unfortunately the rash will move onto his face and leave us special Christmas memories in all my photos!! I bought him the cutest outfit for Christmas from Gymboree! (and an additional Santa outfit from Target!)

Just an FYI the ABC world news tonight piece about churches being closed on Christmas looks like it will air tomorrow night (Thursday) at 5:30...However this is the 3rd night in a row it was suppose to air so we will see!! It is up on their website as a teaser for tomorrow so I'm feeling pretty confident.

My very special friend Crystal has had a challenging week. Her mother has had some health scares so please keep Crystal and her family in your prayers! Crystal and her entire family are very close to me and have been a blessing to my entire family we love them deeply!!

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Crystal said...

Poor little guy! Emily had Roseola when she was a baby. It really wasn't that big of a deal for her except for the sad fever part. I think she only had the rash for about a day or two.

Thanks for thinking of me and my family in your post. You're an amazing friend. =)