Saturday, February 25, 2006

after work

I was so frustrated after work today I had an anxiety attack! ( I was not upset over anything that happened at work just some "personal" stuff that was stressing me out and hurt my feelings) Anyhow, that had never really happened to me before. It was like needles pushing into the back of my throat and there was nothing I could do to make it stop. I was coughing and my eyes were watering and it hurt really bad. Yuck! I hope this does not become a pattern!

This week is a stressful one for sure. It is the Next Gen conference mon-wed. Which means I will be working 12 hour days AND skipping my days off this week. I also have to prepare for the Promiseland Conf. Which includes having my stage layouts done by Thursday. Stage layouts I make on a program I barely understand, Visio. Also, I have to prep for my weekend( the "real" part of my job). Emily is having her surgery Tuesday and I really wanted to visit her and Crystal at the hospital. Noah is leaving between now and Friday. I HAD hoped to send him a "pre" care package before he left but there is NO time to put one together and make it to the post office to overnight it.

UGGHHH...could this explain the anxiety, it was actually something else! But, I can see more coming!

Oh. My point! My point was....after work in an effort to distract myself from my self pity and anxiety we took Malachy to Chuck E Cheese's (where a kid can be a kid). Kim, Mark, and Dad joined in on the fun. We got a little more "fun" then we bargined for. The place was packed and pretty crazy. It was a good time though. Malachy enjoyed some pizza and all the "rides". Here are some pictures:


Crystal said...

So sorry about your super stressed out day. I'm glad that you got to have fun with your family though at the end of the day.

I know you really want to be there for me and Emily when we are in the hospital and I really want you to be there too. But please do not stress about it. I want you to take that off your list of worries right now. I would LOVE it for you to come and spend time with me after we get home and you have the time to actually enjoy a visit with us.

As for not having time to send Noah a care package you really do have plenty of time for that. He already gets that awesome stuff from your parents and I am sure Lauren is making sure he has one heck of a care package. Plus you can always send one later because from what I hear these men serving our country love to get stuff all the time so later is good too. Oh and I heard it's good to send them cigarettes because then they can trade them or sell them for money. That's just what I heard.

OK well I love ya and I hope you have a better day tomorrow hangin' out with Third Day!! LUCKY!!!

Dandelion Seeds said...

Just stopping by to ask if you would please spread the word about Emily's surgery Tuesday morning? I have a prayer list on my blog for anyone who would like to take a specific time to pray as well.


Lauren said...

Don't worry about the care package Steph. He doesn't have room for anything else right now anyway and I'd just end up having to send it later, along with a bunch of other things he already wants shipped to him later. It is very thoughtful of you but don't worry about it right now. Make time in about a month or so to do that -- we won't have an address over there for a bit anyway.

I am sending him with as many niceties as I can get to fit in his packs but for the most part I'm just loading him up with soap and deodorant and lots of paper and envelopes.

(Space is really tight. We went out tonight to get more space saver bags because we are vacuum packing his clothes to bring over there. We also bought and packed a few extra duffel bags too, because he can't very well vacuum close the bags we're sending so there is no way all his stuff will fit on the return trip next year.)

Note: if anyone sends Noah cigarettes I will hunt them for sport. :o)

Steph gets to hang out with Thrid Day?!?! Like the band?
Noah proposed during a Third Day song. Awww...

okay, this is really long now. BYE!

Crystal said...

Sorry Lauren the cigarettes weren't supposed to be for Noah to smoke but I understand that you would be afraid he would smoke them. Sorry.


Lauren said...

Oh, I was mostly joking I can understand how coming from me that would seem serious -- because of my whole, "I hate smoking" thing. I understand that he is likely going to smoke while he's there and since he'll be off fighting in a "war" I suppose I will let it slide. (read: I'm not thrilled about it but some things are more important than my hatred of tobacco.) I get that smoking is a stress relief for some people and if that is what it takes for him to keep it together and come home safely to me, it is more than a fair trade.

P.S. tobacco products will be available for them most of the time. I guess the military wants their guys as relaxed as possible, too and not having the distraction of a nic-fit while they're fighting (& stuff).
I think I posted about it before, but when they bring a trunk full of goods from the AFB to sell to the guys, it is mostly packed with tobacco products. Yum.

Crystal said...

Lauren you are probably talking to someone who hates smoking almost as much as you do. Almost my whole family smokes and it really comes between us sometimes.

I was only trying to be supportive and helpful.

I'm glad that you don't really want to hunt anyone for sport though.