Friday, February 10, 2006

I am going to New York...upstate

Sooo...In a few hours Kim, Mom, Dad, and I are going to NY to see Noah and Lauren! Noah is stationed there currently and will be shipped out to Afghanistan for over a year within the next month. Noah only gets 24 hours of notice before he leaves so we couldn't really go and send him off. This is the best we could too because this weekend is his 2nd to last "for sure" weekend here in the states! Please pray for us as we travel 13 hour train ride there and another 13 hours home...yikes!

Also pray for Mark who will be a single parent thru Tuesday! Not only does he have Malachy but he is also responsible for Kim's 3 cats and 1 of Moms!! And I have no idea why but he agreed to serve at Impact this Sunday with a 6:30 am call time and he is taking Malachy!! He is nuts!

Laurens sister Meg is watching Malachy Saturday so Mark can work then too!! Thank goodness for Meg! Poor Malachy is going to have a tough couple days though please pray that he will feel safe, secure and loved!

Talk to you when I get back! Steph

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Lauren said...

I will have to send you some good photos of me because you always post the most awful pictures of me. Granted, this photo was taken on Christmas when I will honestly say that I had a little too much "punch" with my brunch so that explains my face.

Does mark need Meg on Sunday? She will probably be around.

See you soon!

P.S. Noah doesn't nevessarily get 24 hours notice. We were told to prepare for more like 6-8 hours notice of deployment. Sweet!