Thursday, February 23, 2006

Where I'm at

So I haven't kept up the last few days because I have been busy and sleepy! It's 10pm now and I need a shower and bed I will have to save the tape of American Idol and Survivor for tomorrow!

This past week has been strange! I have been super mood swingy...I'm not sure if it's hormonal, seasonal, lunar or what...I always try to explain my moodiness so I don't have to accept the fact I might just be nuts! This week I have even considered post-poning my efforts for baby 2 so I could get myself on some happy pills (the legal sort)! With Noah going overseas I know my anxiety is going to shot through the roof! Anyhow, with all that said...every time I have focused on God's love this week it has made a huge difference!! I went to work super grumpy Wednesday and in a staff meeting we looked up bible verses and it changed the course of my day. God's words really are life to me! (it works...The Bible) The truths I posted earlier this week have stayed with me and have sustained me and given me joy. I feel like it has been a good week despite my own lack of emotional stability! I know I'm extremely blessed and I never want to take that for granted.


Crystal said...

Really great pictures Steph you look SO pretty (as per usual). I am sorry you have had a bad week. BUT I'm glad you know that God's word is the best medicine!! Hang in there girl friend this season too shall pass.

As far as baby #2 goes. I know that if you guys decide to try for one now it will be a blessing or if you wait until later it will be a blessing. No matter when you have this baby God WILL take care of you and I believe that (from my own experience) that baby #2 will come in God's own perfect timing be it today or next year, it's the right time. I don't know if that made sense.

If YOU ever need to talk and just need me to listen, I am here, always.

Love ya and I will see you tomorrow.

Kim Traynor said...

Great post Steph. I've really enjoyed reading your prayes and quotes and thoughts for this chapter, it's inspired me to want to go more in-depth at my own blog next chapter. Love you, Kim

Sara said...

This is such a cute post Steph!! I'm so excited for you guys if you do try or wait!! That will be so fun!! I love you pictures.. you both look just ADORABLE!!!!

Hope to see you soon!!! BTW - House selling over here... not so good :( It's ok though... Steve's job thing is going a little too fast for me anyways.