Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Student Ministries Conf.

Sooo...day one went well. I may have blown my ear drum out at the Third Day concert. Mark asked me to grip for him (wrangle cables for his shoulder cam) and Mark was stationed right in front of the 4 stacked sub-wolfers, stage left, that Third Day had brought. It was like full blown gusts of wind, Yikes! The concert was great, I wish I could have paid better attention.

Husband said he saw Novelli talking to the band in the green room, so apparently he wasn't lying when he said he knew them. =) I myself got to talk to Mac when they walked in the door but didn't even realize it was him until I heard his voice...these things happen to me.

The earlier part of the day went well! Crowder was great! I missed the messages because I was trying to get some work done but I hear they were great!

Here is a picture of Husband and I on the LED's while video and lighting got squared away in between sessions.

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