Monday, February 06, 2006

Nice weekend!

I forgot to check the box where it tells the pictures to be centered...opps! Anyways, other then the random pic of Noah and Malachy (that I just had to share) these pictures are from the Promiseland Production Super Bowl Party. Where I was forced by Kevin to spend more then I was budgeted of the churches money on cheap pizza!! It was a good time. Malachy has so much fun! It was in Blue Sky 2 (the 3 year old Promiseland room) so there were many toys to entertain Malachy! (thats not to say Mark and I didn't do our fair share of chasing after him) It was a real busy weekend but a good one at that. Today we slept in and ran some errands. Also the heating guy came and checked the furnace and water heater. He informed us that both were "OK" but already had out lived their life expectancy and where pretty old...great! Houses are fun! Tomorrow we go to the Little Gym and I start on my huge task of things to get done around the house so I'm ready to go to NY! By the way... thanks you to Lauren and Crystal who sent me encouraging e-mails after my last post. I really appreciate both of your friendships!
This first one is of Noah and Malachy from when Noah was last home.

This next one is of Malachy eating pizza all by himself like a big boy!

Here I am cuddling with Arnez and Katherines daughter Noe...
they have the 2 cutest kids who I adore!

This is my programer Sandy and her man Alan who is my super volunteer. Mark and I really enjoy them and wish we had more time outside of work to hang out with them!

This is Malachy and Noe in one of the many toys we got out.


Steph Stanger said...

strange...I just noticed that when I posted this new post my old "Im feeling weepey" post disapeared...Blogger sure has been strange!

Crystal said...

Ya that's what happened to me Steph!! I'm afraid to post anything new because my old posts will be gone forever!! I am seriously annoyed.

I'm glad you had such a great weekend!

Sara said...

What happened to your previous post? That weird why they keep dissappearing.

The pictures are ADORABLE!!! I love them ;)

Crystal said...

Hey Steph, it was so nice to spend time with you and Kimmy yesterday. I am really excited about Thursday night at RW!! YEE HAW!!

I am listening to Alive right now (the Impact album that Arron and Jon did when I served on the production team) and Maddie is on my lap dancing! She loves it, it's like she is worshiping with me or something because she is waving her arms in the air and stuff. I love being a mom so much.

Crystal said...

Oh ya I love the pic of Mal and Nos.