Tuesday, February 28, 2006

My favorite Emily

This is Emily and Frank (not Frankie-doo) at their B-day party this fall

I posted this as a comment on Amy's blog:

Hi, this is Steph, I'm a good friend of Crystals. I just called their home and talked to Emily's Grandma, Carrie. If you are like me I'm sure you have been checking the blog all day in hopes of some news and I know Scott will post later tonight and share all the details if he can manage to stay awake. =) But I thought Crystal would want you all to know that Emily is out of surgery. Your prayers were and continue to be appreciated. It sounds like Emily is recovering now which is good but the surgery was more complicatd then expected and was 9 hours long. I can't imagine poor Crystal in the waiting room that long. I'm heart broken I couldn't be with her but she has an amazing family that is supporting her right now and all of your friendships and prayers have blessed her and Emily more then words can communicate. I don't want to mis -communicate anything so I will leave the details to Scott but I got the impression from Carrie that we are still confident Emily will make a full recovery but the day wasn't as smooth as expected. So please continue to keep everyone in prayer.
Thank you so much.
In Christ,
Steph Stanger

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