Friday, March 24, 2006

Crazy day!

So Mark, Malachy, and I are going to Iowa for 5 days! Mark's Mom had knee surgery and thought it would be nice if we came out and helped her around the house while she recovers. She's already well on her way to feeling better. She spent the first week or so at her sisters house and now she is back at home.

In prep for going out of town Kim helped me tackle a mammoth to do list today! We had to buy Malachy something to wear to church in Iowa. The old t-shirt jean combo isn't as acceptable there as is it is at Willow. We picked out a super cute outfit at Target and then had to go return it because it was too big! I gave Malachy a bath and then he peed on my bed during the drying process! We had to pay bills and go to the post office to finally mail Noah his Harry Potter video. Then we went to the Home Depot to get some paint for my bathroom. (Kim may paint it while we are away) We also had to go to Willow so I could finish up some work. We stopped by Michaels to get some Art supplies. WE cleaned the entire house because Mark brought his friend, Andrew, over to see it. We did 2 loads of dish and 4 loads of Laundry! The most impressive is we did all of this with Malachy! Yikes! I think I may pass out! No wonder Kim is looking forward to us leaving! =)

Well tomorrow morning we leave for Iowa and we will be back Wednesday! See ya then!

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