Friday, March 03, 2006

Noah left this morning...

I borrowed (stole) these pictures from Laurens blog. This one is of Noah and Lauren

Noah left this morning at around 9 am. Please pray for his safety in travel. I'm sure Lauren is dealing with many emotions right now and so is my Mom so please remember them in your prayers as well. I plan on sending out an e-mail to all my friends with Noah's address so you can all support and encourage him that way if you wish. I don't think we are allowed to post his address on our blogs...I will ask Lauren. Pray that he would not get sick from the water, food, or living conditions. Noah has some asthma so pray the sand would not aggravate that. Pray that Noah and the men in his company will not allow the stress to tear them apart but that they will be able to encourage and support one another. Pray that God would not allow their spirits to be broken and that they will all remain safe and find comfort in God's amazing grace and love.

I'm assuming this is the company getting packed up and ready to hit the road.

And here is my favorite Noah with a big grin! I love this picture Lauren thanks for sharing it!

Here is Malachy and I supporting Noah in our Army wear! Malachy's shirt is super reflective it practically glows!


Crystal said...

Praying praying praying!!!!

Lauren said...


Um, no you're not allowed to post the APO address. It doesn't really give away their specific location, but there is a chance that the wrong people could get a hold of it and send bombs through the mail to the guys... so the CPT made an official statement that unless the site is secured (like Noah's site is) that he doesn't want it out there.
Also, make sure that your friends know not to leak out the address too. I guess there was an incident once where someone posted someone's APO address on a bulletin board at a church for other members to send this person letters... I'm not sure if anything bad happened as a result or that, but it is just not okay to do so. So, basically what all this means is guard the address and be sure you know who you're giving it to and be sure that they keep it private.

Crystal said...

Hey Steph I would love for you to come hang out with me tomorrow at the hospital (it gets pretty boring!) Jami is coming tomorrow too! I am feeling better today but I still feel tired and a little bit sad and worried about Emily, Frank, and Madison. This is hard.