Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary

This picture was taken at the anniversery party last year

Today is Mom and Dad's 26th wedding anniversary!! Happy anniversary Mom and Dad! Last year for their 25th we had a little party at the Milk Pail with immediate family and 5 couples who have been good friends to Mom and Dad over the years! It was a great time. Seeing as 2 of those people are no longer with us I'm really glad we took the time to be together, love, and appreciate eachother! Mom and Dad are a beautiful example to us of what LOVE looks like. They have really supported eachother in sickness and health, good and bad, and they have created a family that not only is devoted and loyal to one another but actually really enjoys to be together. Way to go Mom and Dad...Well done.

Here is our family at the party minus one Noah who was at AIT...I think.

This is something Dad wrote on his Blog a couple months ago, and I thought it was really beautiful:

"A couple of years ago I saw a TV show and they had done a survey and announced the most important ingredients in a successful relationship are compatibility and a shared dream. Isn't that precious? Give me courage and kindness every time.It takes courage to decide whether to buy groceries or get the brakes fixed, courage to go to work when you messed up and the boss isn't happy, courage to sign on the bottom line for a mortgage or business loan, courage to go to the doctor when you don't want to hear what he has to say. And always kindness. Because kindness preserves and enhances the dignity of both. Our beloved cannot be what we want them to be without our kindness, to appreciate, to sympathize, to encourage.
So always practice courage and kindness, good luck."


Andy said...


Thanks for your good wishes. As Mommo would have said, "We sure are lucky".

Lauren said...

Noah was just in NY and couldn't get leave to come home. AIT was ages ago. :o) (not really but it feels like it anyway.)

Poor Noah always has to miss things. This will be the 3rd year in a row that he is gone for his birthday! (Though the next one he is around for I plan to celebrate well.) Cross your fingers because there is a chance he'll be home for/around my birthday this year. Woo hoo!