Friday, March 10, 2006


Mommo died yesterday. I know I haven't taken the time yet to understand what I have lost.

Mommo was the only grandparent I ever knew. To those of you who have never meet her it's hard to explain her she is unlike anyone else I have ever meet. She was not your typical Mrs Claus sort of know the sort that bakes cookies and spoils you on holidays. She was however full of love and grace. She had dignity and confidence that I have never seen matched. In all the years I knew her I never heard her speak one un-kind word about anyone. She found joy in the little a piece of chocolate for "pep", kids playing at the park down the street, or the wind making the leaves dance. She didn't place much value in material possessions. She did however, care about how she carried herself. When I was young I remember her often telling me how it was important to stand up straight and keep my chin up, to look people in the eyes, and that red was a good cheerful color...especially when we get a little older. I can never really know what she felt inside but to me she always portrayed a confidence that I found not only encouraging but to me it was almost like a safe place. (I don't know how to explain it better, but there was comfort in her confidence) She was confident in her faith, confident in her character, confident in her love, confident that there was joy to be found and hope to be had. It's sad to me that she is gone because to say it simply she was all good. I know I will never encounter anyone like her again. I only hope that in some small way I can live with the same character, grace, dignity and strength she had and pass those qualities along to Malachy.

I love this picture of Dad and Mommo. Mommo loved Dad so much it's crazy! She would light up when he was around. Dad thought maybe because he was born soon after her sister had died that Mommo had a special affection for him but for those of us who know Dad we know that he is just special. She often would tell us the story of how when she would be out shopping kids would run up to her with big smiles all excited just to tell her,"I know Andy" I have heard all the other stories too and I know Dad wasn't the easiest child =) but none of that seemed to matter to Mommo she loved him for who he was! So so I Dad! You are the best and I feel so lucky to have you as my Dad, I love you!

I just like this picture. Kim and Mommo shared a birthday, July 7th.

Here is Mommo with some of her Children and Grandchildren.

Here is Mommo with some of her grandchilden.

Mommo with Malachy, she really enjoyed him...she said he had intelligent eyes like me. She loved that we had named him Malachy.


Crystal said...

What a beautiful post and a special tribute to your Mommo and your Dad. I have only met Mommo once and I can tell from that one time that she was all of the things you said she was. She was so sweet and kind and I remember my husband felt quite fond of her too that day. I also remember as a child when I was at your house when ever anyone talked about Mommo everyone would just light up and talk about how lovely she was.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or your family. I love you guys.

Andy said...


I appreciate your thoughtful words about Mommo, and of course I think you're exactly right. She was so proud of her parents, so devoted to my father, so respectul of her children and so humble herself, yet every gesture communicated her dignity and grace.

thekooiet said...

Yes, I agree...what a beautiful story about your Mommo. I'm so sorry for your loss Steph. She must have been an extraordinary woman.

Under the circumstances, it was great seeing you on Sunday...thank you for taking such good care of the Kunze family! You are a blessing Steph!

Sara said...

Steph, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mommo... Ugh that's aweful. What you wrote was beautiful!!! That was so awesome!

Crystal said...

Hey Steph, I was just checking in to see how everything went today. Call me or shoot me an e-mail when ever you have the time you busy girl!


Crystal said...

Love ya!