Saturday, March 18, 2006

Willow Creek's Promiseland Conf.

So it's over!! I think I worked nearly 50 hours before even hitting my weekend!! Yikes. It was fun though...I can say that now that it is over. I certainly feel like I was stretched as a stage manager. It wasn't so much that anything came up that I didn't know HOW to do so much as I just didn't have the confidence to feel like I could pull it all off as smooth I wanted too. Also, I'm not use to working with the TD who did the conference so I think there were times where we were mis-communicating how a transition was suppose to go. I made a few mistakes but nothing major. I think for how insane the schedule was and how ridiculous a few of the transitions were I did a great job! I'm just glad I won't have to do anything that crazy for another year! =)

Some of you know I wasn't looking forward to Rebecca St. James coming and I have to say I was wrong! The reason for my lack of enthusiasm was that she came to Willow in 97 to participate in Impact's Senior Night. I remember at that time I got the impression she was more "performance" based then authentic. I now feel like that was an un-fair and un-loving judgment. I can't imagine being in her shoes at that age. Maybe she was "performance" based at that time but most teenagers are, regardless of whether or not they are in some sort of spotlight. How is it possible to really know who you are at that age? She was very successful at the time (with the whole "God" song) and I can't imagine the pressure of being that successful at that age. I'm sure it is challenging making your faith your own when you have a whole team of people managing and marketing you.

From the little interaction I had with her at the conference I was really impressed. She was not only professional, kind, and talented but she was also very authentic. I really enjoyed her music too! While she was rehearsing I was thinking how I would like to own her new album and then her father (manager) gave our whole team a copy of her latest album as a thankyou gift! Her entire team was a pleasure to work with and I hope they come back! Matt Redman was also fun. His team is really great as well. He was here earlier this year with Tomlin and I remember then how nice he was.

For your are some fun "Promiseland" links.
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This is our new Late Childhood CD where some of our vocalist teach you how to do the motions. (you have to click on the Have You Heard CD and then motions to see a short's fun! So far we only have one up but they will all be up soon)

The previous post is some fun pictures from day one of the conf.

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Lauren said...

sounds like you had a busy, fun week. Hope to see you soon!