Thursday, March 30, 2006

music thoughts

Some songs just bring out the somber in me....Nights Swimming is one of those songs. It comes on and no matter what mood I'm in I'm transformed to this strange dreamy almost sad almost happy state of mind that I can't explain. I made a "Steph's Reflective" playlist on my I-pod of some of the songs that are in this catagorey. Here is a random 10 from that playlist

1. Night's Swimming- REM
2. Listen to your Heart- DHT Acoustic version
3. The Boy in the Bubble- Paul Simon
4. Dreams to Remember- Ottis Redding
5. The Chain- Fleetwood Mac
6. The Blues- Switchfoot
7. Space Oddity- David Bowie
8. Ring the Bells-James
9. Blue-Jayhawks
10. Father and Son-Cat Stevens

In the past month or so...Noah left, my super friend has been facing challenges, Mommo died, work has been crazy, I have been tired and grumpy...and I have been finding myself in quiet moments going to my I-pod and putting on my "reflective playlist" looking for some peace. I don't know why I expect to find peace in my I-pod...but I do! There is comfort in the music. Maybe because they evoke memories, maybe because they tell stories that distract me from myself, maybe because they tell stories that remind me of myself...I'm not sure. But I'm glad to have my I-pod it feels like a long lost friend.

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Andy said...


We got to get some bad boy music that little thingy of yours. You listen to some of that and then you start swaggerin' around with some good food in your hand right out of the fridge droppin crumbs or whatever all over the house and wiping your fingers on your jeans. Then you can go out on the deck and look round, come back in and say "Somebody better do something about that damn yard, and it aint gonna be me."

Then, you can do like the actor in that movie, practice that "You talkin to me?" thing. You got to do it front of the mirror because you want to get the look so down you dont even have to say the words.

And like with Malachy, just start tellin him "Grow up" and "Lucky for you I got a sense of humor" and "Don't you got a room of your own around here somewhere?"

I'd start out with Midnight Rider by the Allman Brothers. Feel Like a Number by Bob Seeger, Cant You Hear Me Knockin' by the Rolling Stones, TeenAge Wasteland by the Who, Every Picture Tells a Story by Rod Stewart, Don't ask me No Questions by Lynrd Skynrd and One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer by George Thorogood. Since you're a girl you might also want to pick out a song or two by Blondie or Joan Jett.

You'll be feeling better in no time and people will start treating you better or at least stayin out of your way.