Monday, June 13, 2005


That's my new favorite word and it pretty much sums up this entry because I have nothing very interesting to say ...I thought about making up some dramatic stories ...but I don't even have enough imagination for that...I know, I'm a disappointment!
Ok well anyhow, The Arts conference starts tomorrow. I thought I would be more excited then I am! Right now, I'm just looking forward to it being over, that's sad! I'm sure it will be fun though. Mark and I are not really involved in the first part, but we will be there. Mark is TD for the second part and I'm Stage Managing. It's pretty simple, so I'm not stressed about that. The only stressful thing was working out babysitters because Kim's attending. Mom and Crystal graciously agreed to babysit. Which is GREAT because I'm very picky about who I will leave Malachy with. I know he will have a great time with both Crystal and Mom! I just hope he doesn't wear them out. He has super fun days and super needy days! Lets hope we're in for a week of super fun days!
We had a good weekend. Friday night Sandy and Alan babysat so Mark and I could go on a date! Sunday we spent some time with Lauren and the parents. And Monday we went to Lords park and saw the Buffalo and Chad. (You can see pictures on Marks blog) We also went to dinner with Stuart, Chad, and Kim. It was great to see Stuart and catch up! We came back to the house and Mark practiced his break out talk...Malachy was delirious...he kept laughing for no reason, it was cute.
Well, I will end this entry because I know if your like Noah you stopped reading 2 paragraphs ago anyway! Oh and please keep Noah in your prayers while he's at JRTC! I worry about the little guy! Training can be dangerous.


seegeepee said...

How could it be boring? You mentioned me.

Crystal said...

I can be bored by virtually anything if I put your mind to it, or choose not to. I can yawn my way through Don Giovanni or a trip to the Grand Canyon or reading the blog of a dear friend or a sunset. I choose not to. To be bored to death is a form of suicide. =oD

thekooiet said...


What I mean by what I wrote on my bog is that I'm not going to be keeping a diary on my social life...I've seen to many people get hurt and sometimes stuff gets borderline gossipy (NOT on your blogs (gossip) but on others that I've read. I don't want the world to know my comings and goings....maybe I should rephrase what I wrote.:) I want to write about opinions and issues that are important to me without making it about me and what I had for lunch today. It's not personal at all...yes, they are MY opinions....but on issues that we all deal with....not me and my lunch. Does that make sense??

thekooiet said...

Bummer I had a type-o. too not to.

Crystal said...

Yes, it makes sense to me kooiet. Thanks for clearing that up. Your blog should be whatever you want it to be. I will respect that. As you know mine is personal but I will not go on there to gossip or talk bad about people. Thanks for letting us know how you feel and what's up. I am still looking forward to part 2. If you ever deside to put my link back up you can just say you are not resposible for anything on that terrible Crysta's blog.

Love you and I wish you were coming here to visit. =o(