Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's HOT out there

I just tried to use the tv remote as a mouse...thats strange. I'm chilling with Malachy today. We're cleaning the house and doing some work on the laptop for the Arts Conference. It was a pretty good weekend....no Petting Zoo fun but we did get some Dairy Queen with our good pal Matt. Also we got to see Noah and Laurens wedding Album and visit with "cool" Aunt Lauren! (Malachy REALLY liked Lauren! He's often leary of people he dosen't see often but not Lauren he was happy to droll all over her) This week and next week are going to be pretty busy but after that I'm hoping the summer fun wll get into full swing! We ae going to upstate New York to visit Noah and Boston for our Aunts wedding in early July, I can't wait! Yummmm....their eating cold stone ice cream on the news! It's super hot out right now, I want to take Malachy for a walk but I don't want him to melt! I guess I will have to take the chance...see ya later


Kim Traynor said...

I just tried to use the tv remote as a mouse...thats strange.

..or not so strange, considering the source...

Yup yup, pretty exciting stuff on the horizon. We should have lots of photos to share with the nice people.

Crystal said...

Dang you ain't lieing. It sure is hot. Poor me, I have no air conditioning. Well that's a lie. I have one in my room from my good friends.


Lauren said...

I can't wait for you al to come visit us in NY!!! I wish I had more time to get the place looking more homey, but you'll pardon our empty house. ... I hope.
I wish there was more to do up there besides eat pancakes and get tattoos. But, you have to admit that there are worse things in the world than tattoos and pancakes (oh, and hott guys in uniform, how could I almost forget that?).